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The Bell Witch Haunting

In the 19th century, there is a legend of a witch haunting. The story is known as The Bell Witch Haunting. As the story goes, the Bell family had come under attack by a Witch within their home. It was able to speak, manipulate the environment, and shapeshift. The majority of the Witch’s rage was focused on patriarch John Bell, Sr. and his youngest daughter Betsy.

The Witch would, reportedly, slap and stick Betsy with pins while paralyzing John Sr.’s mouth. The Witch expressed a desire to kill John, eventually poisoning him. The Witch would interrupt the mourning to “sing drinking songs” to celebrate the death. Despite the ire the Witch shared with John Sr. and Betsey, the spirit was reportedly fond of John Sr.’s wife Lucy and would sing hymns to her. 

If you want to go further into the legend of the Bell Witch, then check out the podcast Lore’s episode “Going Viral” about the story of the haunting. There have also been films inspired by the Bell Witch as well such as The Blair Witch Project and An American Haunting.

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