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The Entity Haunting

The story of Doris Bither is but one that is not as popular as other hauntings, though it is a really disturbing case to the individuals who have heard of it. Throughout 1974, single mother Doris Bither approached parapsychologist Dr. Barry Taft and his companion Kerry Gaynor. Bither claimed she’d been sexually assaulted by the spirits of 3 males in the house many times.

Dr. Barry Taff was a famous biomedical engineer, parapsychologist as well as psychophysiology physician in 1974 and was talking about details of the newest case of his with an associate in a neighborhood bookstore. Little did he realize that the life of his was about to change. Doris Bither overheard the conversation and then talked to him about her haunting.

Dr. Taff felt that after listening to her it was a common case of tormented youth top to deep-seated mental problems, however, he decided to check out the haunted place. 11547 Braddock Drive was the house of Doris Bither in which she lived with her 3 kids.

Even though they discussed the presence of 3 entities of the home, what amazed Dr. Taff was the striking similarity of the minutest details everyone & explanations informed around Mr. Whose It. Yes! They named the poltergeist. All four of the investigators experienced being pushed, pinched, or bitten by a fog-like figure familiar to a human, but not an exact human. 

Doris Bither actually describes just how she was raped on several occasions by the bigger entity. She said the tow additional little entities used to pin the bigger one down on her and also the huge entity used to rape her which led to bruises on inner thighs and the lips. Dr. Taff was convinced by the encounters as well as specifics provided by the household and he purchased all of the resources as well as equipment to investigate.

Dr. Taff told Doris Bither to evoke the entities by making an appearance, which she did as well as the results were incredible. The 20 something researchers from UCLA saw the gear being thrown around the room, arching to the mid-air, along with every one of this taken on the digital camera.

When Bither moved into a house, a female knocked on the door and told her that the home was evil before leaving. Things got weirder from there. Bither’s next son will back up the promises of her as he’d audibly hear the episodes at the bedroom of his. Friends, neighbors, and Bither’s 3 other kids would additionally claim that a number of strange things had been taking place at the home.

Bither was photographed as well as was constantly surrounded by a light that was inexplicable to Gaynor or even Taft. The attacks will ultimately subside and Bither would die in 1995. A film depending on the story, The Entity, was launched in 1983.

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