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The Philip Experiment

This experiment was quite wild. If you have a good grasp on the paranormal, you already know about the concept that several hauntings are similar to psychic symptoms of humans under great strain? These are what we know as poltergeists. So the Philip Experiment is actually, an experiment that took place in 1972 to place that to the test the validity of poltergeists.

The team was comprised of 8 individuals, who developed a fictional individual called Philip Aylesford, as well as attempted to speak with Philip by way of a seance. The strange thing was, stuff apparently started to happened: knocks on the door, taps, breezes, unforeseen echoes, and much more occurred once the team communicated with Philip. The experiment ended up being a really creepy experience.

There’s a 2014 movie that is loosely depending on the Philip Experiment known as The Quiet Ones. It features a very amazing cast like Jared Harris (Chernobyl) and Sam Caflin (The Hunger Games).

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