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The Skinny Bob Mystery

This season, a YouTuber by the name of ivan0135 uploaded 4 videos with Grey Aliens, which are in fact thought to have been captured in 1961, the identical day as the Betty And Barney Hill Abduction. In the beginning, a great deal of people thought that the video clips have been a teaser for an upcoming television series or perhaps film, however that has been disproven. The footage has been examined, although you will find plenty of skeptics that doubt the videos are in fact real. No individual has come forward and taken credit for creating the films after the disappearance of Ivan0135. His disappearance might be because of the federal government locking him out of his account, or perhaps kidnapping him or maybe convincing him to stay peaceful.

In the initial video, a UFO is seen flying in the air, before cutting to the subsequent clip in which the identical UFO can be seen crashed involving a selection of Grey Aliens, a few old, others alive. The individual(s) capturing the footage is practically surely a part of the federal government or maybe army. The crash depicted in the video may be connected to the Roswell Incident.

In the following video, an alien is displayed to what is presumed to be an interview. This alien, given the name Skinny Bob, is surely a survivor of the crash in the initial video. At the conclusion of the video, what is more than likely Skinny Bob is actually shown in what may be a mugshot.

The 3rd video is actually Ivan0135 talking about the skeptics that doubt that the information offered in the footage is actually genuine. Ivan states that You’re the individuals that produce the personal misinformation.

In the fourth video, which is widely known as “Family Vacation”, an incident is actually shown to which three Grey Aliens had been recorded utilizing a concealed unit by a military member. It’s believed in the video that the “arrivals” had been recorded against “the treaty”, and without the consent of theirs. The video additionally says that the treaty described prevented anyone from capturing or perhaps photographing meetings held in between the Grey Aliens as well as US Government. It says that after the event, the treaty was revised. This’s the final video that was actually uploaded.

It might be likely that touch between Grey Aliens as well as the US Government ended following these papers. Nevertheless, it’s additionally likely that the US Government along with Grey Aliens nevertheless cooperate in contemporary day.

Many instances of Grey Alien abductions may be hallucinations or maybe lucid dreams.



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