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The Perron Family Haunting

In the year 1970, Roger and Carolyn Perron moved their 5 daughters to a 200 acre house for Harrisville, Rhode Island. Immediately after the move, the Perron females started seeing spirits moving throughout the home, as well as things went missing. The Perron’s brand new neighbors actually advised them to help keep the lights on during the night.

Ultimately, the hauntings escalated. The household awoke each morning at 5:15 to the smell of rotting flesh. The spirits in the home started shifting to a far more malevolent nature, and they started targeting Carolyn.

As the hauntings escalated, Carolyn started looking into the previous inhabitants of the home of theirs and learned of a female called Bathsheba Thayer, who lived there with her 4 kids, 3 of whom died mysteriously before the age of seven.

Bathsheba was ultimately labeled a satanist by the community members of her, as well as accused of sacrificing an infant to Satan by stabbing it in the rear of the neck with a knitting needle, although the research couldn’t be held up in court.

Ultimately, a buddy of Carolyn contacted Ed and Lorraine Warren, that quickly came out to investigate. The Warrens made immediate connections between Bathsheba and also the Perrons’ haunting.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

When Carolyn got a mystical stab wound in the leg of her which appeared to be much like the one which killed the infant, Lorraine Warren recommended that Bathsheba had taken her knitting needles to the grave and was making use of them to torment Carolyn.

In comparison to The Conjuring, the Perrons reported that the Warrens originally made things more intense at the house of theirs. Even with all of the problems within the home, the household could not pay to move. They finished up investing a decade tortured in the house, before inevitably selling in 1980 and moving to Georgia.

Perron Family Home

Regrettably, their move did not cease the hauntings. The Perrons say that the spirits from the Rhode Island home connected to the family themselves, as well as came to Georgia with them.

The Perrons’ house had been the site of many violent acts of the past, from suicides to rapes to murders. The sisters speak to an overwhelming sadness which they will believe upon entering the house, regardless of how they felt beforehand.

Andrea Perron said,

“Everyone who has lived in the house that we know of has experienced this. Some have left screaming and running for their lives. The man who moved in to begin the restoration on the house when we sold it left screaming without his car, without his tools, without his clothing. He never went back to the house and consequently, the people who owned it, the adjacent landowners, never moved in and it sat vacant for years.”

With a lot of deaths in the house, it is possible that a few spirits might continue to actively haunt the home, while others might have connected to the family themselves.

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